Colle di Mezzo means the offer of a magical place, an unrepeatable experience. The eye is lost in the rolling hills that surround the farm. We find ourselves immersed in an environment in which we manage to establish a relationship with nature that escapes everyday reality.
In an environment like this what matters is to experience first hand the experience of spending days in a campaign that still appears, like decades ago, unchanged by time. Rediscover the place, where generations of farmers and shepherds lived respecting nature. Sitting in the park of the farm you can listen to nature, silence, the chirping of birds, estrange from the thoughts of working life and rediscover, in addition to nature, themselves.
You can try the experience of getting up in the morning, opening a window and admiring the panorama of the hill on which stands Montepulciano with the imposing church of Madonna di S.Biagio, built in 1519 by Antonio da Sangallo the Elder, a distinguished architect of the Renaissance.