c-pic viale_smallColle di Mezzo is a magic place, it is a unique experience.Your eye should see the sweet hills around the country side holidays.

piscina_smallOur building is set in a place in which there is a strong relationshipwith nature, far from routine life.In a place such as this you can experience first hand a country sidethat seems the same as the past.

casa_smallHere you can discover the place on which generations of farmers andshepherd lived trying to save the natural world.Sitting in the farm holidays' park it is possible to hear nature: thesilence, the birds, and the wind on the trees.

Moving far from the thoughts of the working life, it is possible to find your self.You can wake up and look out your bedroom window to admire the view ofthe hill on which the famous town of Montepulciano lay. In theforefront is the church of San Biagio that was built in 1519 byAntonio da Sangallo il Vecchio, a great Renaissance architect.

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Qui si aggiungono alcune testimonianze di coloro che hanno visitato: ho passatoun'estate indimenticabile, aria pulita, cibo sano ....

Roy McGreggor, UK