The common area includes a large salon with bar, a tasting zone of the products that the company offers as cheese, milk, fruit, wine. Swimming in the farm's swimming pool seems to be immersed in the surrounding landscape: you can admire the picturesque Montepulciano on a green hill with olive trees, vineyards and wide wheat fields in summer, the terraces degrade, rows of vines and slender Cypress trees that contrast with the buildings in the historic center.
Guests are given the opportunity to take part in the farm's activities, fishing in the company's ponds for excursions, trekking and cycling.

Comfortable and functional, ideal for relaxing and enjoying a good coffee or cappuccino.

The right environment to taste the typical products of the company such as cheese, milk, fruit, wine.

Comfortable and relaxing, furnished in a rustic style, ideal for an evening with friends.

  • Laghetto delle Casacce Manufactured in 1971. It has a capacity of 50000 cubic meters. Water. Born for the company's water needs. It is 2 km from the farm and 600 m from the business center.
  • Laghetto "I Poggi" Manufactured in 1976 for irrigation purpose, less used because of its geographical location. It has a capacity of around 35,000 cubic meters. 3 km from the farm and 400 m from the commercial center.